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To Order “A 30 Years’ War”


  Order an ELECTRONIC COPY for $9.99 from one of the following retailers: Buy on   Order a HARD COPY for $29.99 (includes S&H): email or call 952.920.7705   A 30 YEARS’ WAR: WHAT READERS ARE SAYING


“His book is absolutely INCREDIBLE. Not only it will most definitely present a different perspective to the concept of entrepreneurship, but it also will help the aspiring entrepreneur to clear “road blocks” in their pursuit of their business ownership dream. This is one of those books that I will always keep going back to for inspiration and guidance!” -Paulo Marin “After 35 years in commercial banking I have not read a more comprehensive, concise and blatantly honest description about how to survive indeed thrive despite the war against today’s business owners . . .” —Richard Theis, DT Capital, LLC “The path America is taking is not one friendly to the entrepreneur. This book is for ‘forgotten’ American values. Walker opens our eyes . . . A must read now before it’s too late.” —Carmen Alexe, Entrepreneur “Walker’s view of the entrepreneur . . . reflects experience gained over a lifetime and makes this book a useful and interesting read.” —Loren M. Smith, CEO Blue Valley Capital LLC “An essential guide for the entrepreneur. Several years ago I decided that I needed another Master’s degree. . . We read case studies, mostly failures. . . Only in postmortem could the right equation be known, cold comfort for entrepreneurs. (Walker) uses stories, not case studies, which makes his approach humane. The numbers are there, but in a supporting role. The entrepreneur as individual is front and center.” –Boyd Evert, CEO Harvest Revenue, LLC “Tom is one of those rare leaders who possess the ability and courage to suggest innovative solutions for problems most managers are unable or unwilling to acknowledge even exist. My hope is this book becomes just one voice in an emerging chorus of true leaders whose ideas and innovation will propel us to a better future.” -Josh Wolberg (Amazon review) “Tom has decades of experience guiding those enterprising misfits among us who simply must do things our own way. . . Lots of useful tools in here too for overcoming the inevitable challenges along the path.  Whether you are a fellow veteran and survivor of ‘Tom’s war’, or just striking out on your own, you’ll enjoy this book. Keep a highlighter handy, there are many real gems in here.”  –Dennis Courtier, CEO Pepin Heights Orchard, Inc. ************************************************************ This printing of A 30 YEARS’ WAR is a demonstration of Metro Sales new capabilities applied to printing. (Thanks extended to Metro Sales: Frank, Dave and Mat. Special thanks to Jerry Mathwig. For further information regarding Metro Sales products and services please visit .