We offer Business Planning, Strategic Planning, and Pricing (we call it DecLink).  Each service begins the same way.  We meet free of charge.  We talk, we listen, we counsel, you choose the service that makes the most sense.  We back up our models with research and history.  You can set the actions that make sense in advance, giving you the luxury of moving without having to look over your shoulder.  Planning, thinking, and doing are disentangled = faster decisions, lower stress, clear times for evaluation, adjustment, and change.

You choose the service.  Our clients often add a service or change the service depending on what we find, and on the evolving needs of their business.

Business Plans

  • Deep modeling
  • Simplify management
  • Mid-stream adjustments with minimal disruption
  • Economic insight
  • Maximize return on assets, manage risks
  • Weigh alternatives for profit, cash flow, investment
  • Feedback and calibration

DecLink | Pricing 

  • Data-mining
  • Price discovery
  • Overcome the information disadvantage vs. customers and large competitors
  • Focus on strongest jobs and processes

Strategic Planning | Moody/McLaurin*

  • Set firm goals in the unstable political economy
  • Identify trouble before it comes
  • Capitalize on market volatility
  • Manage growth, acquisitions, and sales of firms

*We call it Moody/McLaurin in honor of two clients for whom it was developed in the early days of powerful spreadsheets


Introducing Jack Pope

The economy is volatile and complex.  You can make a pretty good case that it has become more so.  To our toolbox we add the skills of macro economic datamining, forecasting, and analysis courtesy of Jack Pope of Investment Economics.  Investment Economics sets the context and Praexis applies it to your firm.  A small firm can’t overcome the forces arrayed against it on their ground, but it now has the tools to win on its own terms.